Step back in time to an elegant age , a time of courtesans and noblemen, time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Chateau St Victor la Coste encapsulates this image and allows you to become immersed in its history and experience the dream for yourselves. The Chateau nestles in a sleepy little village of the same name, 20 minutes north west of Avignon. Surrounded by vinyards and stunning forests this is Cote de Rhone country, elegant wines, wonderful produce such as local wild mushrooms, honey sweet melons from Cavaillon, wild strawberries from Carpentras, pungent green olive oil, tomatoes busting with flavour. The sun shines fiercely against the cloudless azure sky and the air is pure and clean. The only noise is the cicadas in the cypress trees. The Chateau is a stroll from the wonderful old church and the Mairie.

Everyone who visits is entranced by its magic and revels in the authenticity. It has been most beautifully maintained and restored so that it retains its ancient and elegant structure whilst being fully and sympathetically lifted into the 21st century for plumbing, wifi and sound.

It has found favour with the more discerning client for corporate events, played host to fashion shoots, photographic agents parties, and numerous private client meetings who value its unique and esoteric flavour. 

There are six bedrooms all with private facilities in the main Chateau sleeping 12 people and a further 3 cottages sleeping 7 within the grounds sharing the pool and gardens with the main Chateau. All reception rooms are very large and most beautifully decorated with original paintings, tapestries and antiques. On request the Chateau can be available for a variety of events rented for weekends or whole weeks accordingly. Further information can be given.

The Chateau has great history dating back to 1541. Built by an Italian Renaissance architect it has a delightful uplifting effect to every body that visits. It consists of the main Chateau and has also 3 independent cottages outside with a central swimming pool and multilevel terraced gardens. It was designed at the orders of Thomas de Gadagne a Florentine financier of the King of France who was rewarded by the king with the Chateau and the Seigneuirie of St Victor La Coste. The Castellas has had an illustrious history and many important marriages from this site.The chateau was built in 1541 below the old Castellas which was the home of the Sabran family. Raymond Beringer was the Count of Toulouse who married the Sabran daughter. The 4 beautiful daughters of Raymond Berenger IV married 4 kings - Marguerite married Louis of France, Beatrix became Queen of Naples and Sicily, Sancie became Queen of Austria and Eleonore married Henry III Plantagenet King of England. It thus has very auspicious vibes for future weddings! The Chateau is perfect for large family gatherings or groups of friends who can enjoy complete independence and privacy yet congregate in truly magnificent communal areas. It is furnished throughout in traditional yet somewhat flamboyant French aristocratic style with antiques but not compromising modern living with up to date bathrooms WiFi and Sonos sound system throughout the property and around the pool premises.